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Advertising / Web Campaign


For its Christmas campaign, Darphin implemented an advertising campaign centered around shimmering.

Therefore, i created a musical composition and sound designs to convey the spirit of Christmas with a touch of contemporary flair and refinement. ​


I focused on creating analog soundscapes accompanied by a neo-classical orchestration to evoke a sense of elevation and wonder. Carefully structuring and producing the musical piece, I sought to elicit emotions associated with the holiday season, such as warmth and anticipation.

The twinkling sounds and delicate melodies intertwined with ethereal textures, creating an enchanting auditory experience that mirrored the shimmering theme of the campaign.

Music Composer : Marc Debard

Supervisor : Joseph Petitpain

Marc Debard Composition Musicale
Marc Debard Musique
Marc Debard Musique
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