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Fashion Show


Marc Debard Musique

I had the privilege of serving as the music composer and musical director for the "Into The Wild" Fashion Show at DFW23.

My role in this project was to create a captivating musical experience that would enhance the overall artistic direction and storytelling of the event.

Working closely with the team, I composed original music compositions and directed the global soundtrack so the music could be perfectly aligned with the four powerful themes of the show.

Additionally, I collaborated with a Violonist Arranger, the choreographer and performers to synchronize the music with the choreography and artistic performances. 

Furthermore, I created meticulous sound designs for the show, ensuring that the audio elements seamlessly integrated with the overall experience. 

Music Composer/Director : Marc Debard

Violin Arrangement : Mauve Robichez

Choreographer : Sofiane Tiet

Choreograph Assistant : Arthur Cadre

Marc Debard Composition Musicale
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