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I have always been captivated by music's innate ability to evoke emotions, animate imagery, and transport the listener to uncharted sonic territories. In pursuit of accurately conveying the intricacies of our surrounding elements and their nuances, I have honed my skills through self-study, channeling my artistic vision in an instinctual and authentic manner.

My approach to composition draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical styles. I take great care to work with an array of sound sources including digital, analog, and classical instruments, thereby achieving a rich and varied sonic palette.

Presently, my primary focus lies within the event and media industry. My recent assignments include serving as a commissioned music composer and sound designer for a high-jewelry fashion show for Cartier, a cosmetic advertisement for Darphin, or a art prize event for Richard Mille. Driven by my passion for the interplay between sound and movement, and my eagerness to collaborate within the realm of dance, I also compose for choreographic productions.

As a composer, I remain committed to meticulously translating the vision of my clients and collaborators into a sonic reality that bears the hallmark of my personal imprint. The ultimate objective is to create bespoke works of art that stimulate the listener's senses and cognition.

Hi, I'm Marc DEBARD, a composer and producer based in Lyon, specialized in custom music for premium events, media, and choreographic projects.

tel. +33 7 60 77 22 80

Lyon (FR).

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