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Street Marketing


As the music composer for this street marketing campaign by La Samaritaine, I had the privilege of collaborating with a choreographer and two performers. My role was to create a musical composition that resonated with the spirit of the city and added enchantment to the performance.


With one dancer representing the contemporary style and the other embodying the experimental genre, I saw an opportunity to seamlessly blend these distinct styles through music. Drawing from the essence of each artistic world, I crafted a composition that incorporated the rhythmic complexities and unconventional soundscapes of experimental music, while infusing it with the fluidity and emotional nuances of contemporary dance. We then showcased our creation during three weekends at emblematic locations in Paris, illuminating the streets with a magical atmosphere and vibrant energy.

Music Composer : Marc Debard

Performers : Justine Catala & Ludovic Piscioneri

Choreographer : Sofiane Tiet

Marc Debard Composition Musicale
Marc Debard Musique
Marc Debard Musique
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