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Immersive Art Exhibition


The Collegiate Church of Angers, a living emblem of the city, hosts an annual artistic event through exhibitions. This season, the Department has welcomed a multitude of projects, including a collaboration with Laurent Vérité, showcasing his major creation 'The Eternal Return' along with three other luminous installations.

As a composer and sound designer, I took on the sound realization of the four panels, working in tandem with the creator.

Each panel offers a unique immersion: from the vortex at the entrance symbolizing the depths of a subway, to the reproduction of a bustling street in a metropolis, then to a central abstract scene inspired by a changing nature, culminating in the scene of 'The Eternal Return,' exploring existential questions related to human finitude. My work involved conceptualizing sounds tailored to each ambiance, aiming to enhance the immersive experience desired by the mapping creator.

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