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Choreographic Project


To bring their 30-minute creation to life, the Sjel company enlisted my services to oversee the entire musical composition and its artistic direction.

Working closely with the choreographer, I aimed to create a musical composition intimately connected to the movements of the dancers. Every note, melody, and rhythm was carefully crafted to highlight their individuality and showcase their unique expressions.

Our creation is currently on tour in France and has performed at the Cadences Festival in Arcachon, the Karavel Festival in Lyon, and the Kalypso Festival at the iconic 13th Art venue in Paris. We were also fortunate to receive support from FRANCE TV through a special broadcast on CULTUREBOX.

Compositeur : Marc Debard

Choreographe : Sofiane Tiet

Interprètes : Hugo Ciona, Lisa Texier,
Maxim Thach, Justine Catala, Margaux Colemonts,
Mounir Touaa, Camille Mezerette


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